Loopia API program in Python

loopiaapiLast Sunday I decided to start learning Python in order to create a program for Loopia’s API.

I started off with zero Python experience and decided to use Codecademy to learn the basics. That’s when I realized that Python is incredibly easy to learn, basically looks like English and is very fun to use! It took a bit of trial and error (as always, I suppose) but I eventually ended up with a fully working program!

It is, like most of my programs, invoked from the command line. At the moment it only works with *nix systems (Actually, it MIGHT work on Windows too if you specify a username and password on the command line. I haven’t tried yet.)

In honor of Loopia releasing their test environment, I have decided to release my work as well.

Beware, however, as it is not “complete” yet, and might have a bug or two in it. I have done a lot of debugging, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle as long as you don’t try to break it.

Check it out on my scripts and stuff page!


Stefan Persson

Stefan is the owner, maintainer and writer of this website. Computer technology has been in his interest since forever, which has led him to studies and a career in the networking field.

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