Encrypt the World

Let’s Encrypt, a free (as in beer) SSL certificate provider, has recently gone into public beta. I obviously had to try it out, since I’ve never used anything but self-signed SSL certs before. This web site runs on NginX, and Let’s Encrypt is currently mainly targetting Apache, which means I had to manually configure some configuration files and such.

I am very new to SSL in general, so it took me a little while to get it up and running correctly, but I now have an almost acceptable setup running. I messed up a little, though, so the “www” subdomain is currently not supported. During the public beta, an SSL cert for a certain domain name can only be created 5 times in 7 days, and I managed to hit the limit as I was experimenting around. I’ll see if I can fix it next week!

Encryption is important, kids. Stay safe!

Stefan Persson

Stefan is the owner, maintainer and writer of this website. Computer technology has been in his interest since forever, which has led him to studies and a career in the networking field.

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