Scripts and stuff

Here’s a small collection of shell scripts, configuration files and similar.
They all work. Trust me.

I try to make most shell scripts use sh instead of bash for portability.

Loopia API script

A program for Loopia’s API written in Python.
It’s a continuous work in progress. I’ve added quite a lot of features since initial release, but it does not yet support all available features.
It’s my very first thing ever written in Python, so bear with me if it’s weirdly structured.

DynDNS updater with LoopiaAPI

A Python script that automatically updates A records if the host’s IP-address changes, without using Loopias DynDNS service. Read more about it here!


OpenELEC updater for Raspberry Pi

Easy tool for updating your Raspberry Pi. Just download it with wget, put it in your ~/bin folder, make it executable and run it for usage instructions. Neat! Download

My configuration file for fish shell, a shell for *nix-systems. This file will change the prompt to my liking, add a few small aliases and other useful things. You can read more about fish in my post about it.



Check what name servers are currently active for a domain name in the TLD’s root servers. Download


My screenrc. Useful and portable.
Just remember to change the escape key if you plan on using screen in a screen.



Contains all you need in a vimrc, and probably a little more.



My bastard hybrid mutant child of a configuration file for tmux.